quinta-feira, junho 15, 2006

Cidade Baixa, finalmente, por aqui...

Parte da crítica que acaba sair na Salon, uma das revistas eletrônicas mais respeitadas dos Estados Unidos, sobre o filme brasileiro Cidade Baixa (Lower City), que estréia nesta sexta nos cinemas nova-iorquinos:

(...)Both the male leads are sensational, especially Ramos. He's an imposing black man with a boxer's build, while Moura is a lanky white kid with a James Dean rebel affect. The racial dynamic in Deco and Naldinho's relationship - always an important aspect of Brazilian society - is barely mentioned, and the fraternal intimacy between them is easy and comfortable, in the Latin style, at least until it threatens to turn into something else. It's not easy to do sultry, tropical sex scenes without lapsing into exotic cliché, but Machado never seems to regard Karinna and her lovers from a distance, or through the prism of other movies. His best scenes, in many ways, consist of these primal elements: Eyes, mouths, bodies, night, water and music communicate the things these people can't or won't say.

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